Weekly Services

You don’t have to be on vacation to need our services. Daily mid-day walks and potty breaks are offered to give your pet exercise, relief, fun, and companionship. These weekly services are geared towards working individuals who have a dog that they would like to be walked during the day or late at night or a pet with special needs who require extra attention.

As responsible pet owners, we all want what’s best for our “fur kids” and although it is clearly beyond doubt that daily walks will exceedingly benefit your dog, a busy schedule can prevent this from happening.

That’s where HappyTails Pet Sitting steps in!


Nice Walk – 25 Minutes
$18.00 per walk

Fit Pup – 35 Minutes
$22.00 per walk

Go Far – 45 Minutes
$24.00 per walk

Our dog walking services are great for an active dog that needs regular exercise and generally includes:

  • Walk and/or interactive playtime;
  • Love, hugs, and affection;
  • Fresh water;
  • Feeding, medication or special care if required;
  • Visit note posted to your online pet journal;
  • GPS Check-In / Check-Out;
  • Pricing above is for one dog. Additional dogs (up to 3) incur $4.00 each.


15 minutes
$15.00 per break

Only offered Mid-Day (11am-2pm) and Late Evening (9pm-10pm).

Extremely beneficial for puppies and senior dogs who often need a short break through the day to give them relief and attention. It’s also a great service when you are working late and don’t want your pet to go too many hours without a break and companionship. Service includes:

  • Let dog out to potty;
  • Fresh water & treats if requested;
  • Love, hugs, and affection;
  • HappyTails Note left for you to read on your arrival home;
  • Medications are not given during this visit;
  • If needing a walk and feeding, please schedule at least a 30 minute visit;
  • Offered Mid-Day (11am-2pm) and Late Evening (9pm-10pm);
  • Pricing above is for one dog. Additional dogs (up to 3) incur $2.00 each.