Carol Cole

I have always been around animals growing up, but we mostly had dogs. I met someone who is very special to me 20 years ago and they had two cats which turned into four and when we moved in together our fur family grew to 5 dogs and 4 cats! Unfortunately today, we are down to two dogs, and one cat. I have become as big of a cat lover as I am a dog lover.

When our neighbors’, friends and family go on vacation, they call on us to watch their four legged kids because they know I treat their babies as well as I treat mine.

I retired from a telecommunications company after thirty years of my service. At that time, they were starting to downsize and I decided I wanted to make a career change. I tried following my all-time passion and care for animals and I had a few personal clients of my own. As I was trying to grow my business, Dana from HappyTails Pet Sitting contacted me to see if I would be interested in joining the team. I was elated to be offered the opportunity and finally follow my passion. I met with Dana the next day and she hired me on the spot.

I tend to take ownership of each client I receive. I can’t say how thankful I am that Dana contacted me. I say to her every now and then, “Did I tell you I love my job?”. Even though I don’t consider it a job, when I’m doing something I truly love. I treat all animals as though they are my very own. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for any of them.

I look forward to meeting and taking care of your wonderful four legged kids in the future.