Brooke Snyder

As an animal lover and pet guardian myself, I understand that one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do is trust the care of your cherished pet to someone else. You must know that the person looking after your pet is reliable, responsible and capable of anticipating and meeting your animal’s needs.

My name is Brooke Snyder. I was born and raised in Indiana and have been around a huge variety of animals all my life. I learned to care for these animals from birth through old age and enjoy every aspect of them. brooke

HappyTails began all because of my incredible girls Daijah and Sadey, my lovable, fiercely loyal, endlessly hungry, and outstandingly curious Chocolate Lab and Boxer. The girls knew just how they wanted things and made sure I was aware when expectations weren’t met.


Meeting their demands was a lot of work, but it is part of who I am today. Because of Daijah and Sadey, I love the service I have created and I’m positive the girls would too.


Whatever it is, I make every effort to make it better. With complete devotion to pet happiness, I’ve created personalized pet care with flexible scheduling to meet the needs of busy pet parents.


Daijah and Sadey would be proud. Their spirit and essence is at the root of HappyTails Pet Sitting. Always striving for perfection, enthusiastic, dedicated and fiercely loyal.