5 Things Your Dog Wishes You Knew

doginsuitWe take care of a lot of dogs and cats. We feed them, get them their water, play with them, etc. But, most of all…we simply love them when you have to leave them.

We thought it would be fun today to figure out what the top 5 things your dog wishes you knew about him/her are. And, don’t worry cat owners; we’ll do the same for you soon – so please stay tuned.

So, without further ado, let’s get in the minds of our canine friends…shall we?



  1. When you go to work (or even outside for a moment), did you know that we miss you? Where do you go for so long? We dogs would really like to know. That’s why we are so excited to see you when you come home. Even when you leave for just a few minutes, to us it seems like you have been gone for hours.
  2. We like kids – in fact, we love kids, but please don’t let them drive us bonkers. When little Timmy is coming at us for the sole purpose of pulling our tail, well…that just stinks. Please tell him that we aren’t toys. We’re family. Thank you. (Please tell little Timmy that gentle hugs are always welcome)!
  3. Keep throwing the ball. We dogs don’t understand why y’all get tired of an awesome game of catch. When you throw the ball and we bring it back to you, we accomplish a lot of things. For example, we get some great exercise. We have your undivided attention (Squirrel! Where was I?). And, we feel a great sense of pride when you tell us that we did a great job. So, please keep throwing the ball.
  4. We love the sunshine. Sure, lazily hanging out in the air conditioning all day is awesome. We are sure you wish that you could do it. But, nothing beats having adventures in our backyard or going for a nice, long walk with you on a beautiful day.
  5. We love you know matter what! You know that look we give you when we tilt our head to one side as if to say, “I want to understand you better.” Well, guess what, that is exactly what we want to say. We love you unconditionally (apparently, we have a pretty big vocabulary too).  We want to know you as our best friend so that we can give you our best love. After all, they don’t call us, “Man’s best friend for nothing!” Please keep in mind that when we give you our hearts, we give them completely. We love you so please show us that love right back.


So, there you go. That’s what we think dogs would like us to know. Did your ideas make our list? If not, please leave your thoughts of what a dog would like us to know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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